• Dustin Wadsworth

Reach. It's the real goal in marketing your business

Most marketing or advertising campaigns can focus on three basic objectives.

You want to reach a pre-determined audience size, deliver an appealing but clear message, and have a action or outcome.

In some cases it may simplify this process by understanding the potential reach of your campaign.

The current media landscape looks more like a jigsaw puzzle, than the traditional pillars of media, so that may lead to confusion over where to spend your marketing dollars.

Rather than getting overwhelmed by all of the advertising options available try using a quick math equation to help you determine a budget.

Total $ Spent / Total Audience Reach = Cost Per Person

Once you've determined your advertising budget, then you can evaluate different advertising mediums based on the potential audience reach. Naturally, you're going to want to be seen the the largest number of people for the fewest amount of dollars. This seems pretty basic, until you start to hear terms like Ratings, Share Points, GRP's, Followers, Likes, Foot Traffic, Unique Visitors, or Impressions.

Tower City Interactive can help you decode the language and help you determine where to spend your marketing budget.

By fine tuning your message you can target the right audience for your business, and get to work on the messaging and your objective.

Reach is the most basic metric, but Tower City Interactive will take this a step further and ensure that the right message is seen on the appropriate platform.

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