• Dustin Wadsworth

Credibility is the new currency

Content marketing has arrived, meaning your company has to add another piece to the puzzle. You can put it all together by focusing on what you know best.

Your business, and your goals.

What you need is an execution plan. Content marketing is the buzzword, but the first word... CONTENT... is the the key.

If you put together a consistent, and relevant content strategy then you will gain trust and credibility.

We aren't talking about a blog. I equate the term blog with a hobby.

Your business has value, and your insight is the key to unlocking the value, and attracting new business. So before you start pushing buttons on the keyboard, take stock of what you have to offer your customers.

5 quick questions to ask yourself:

  • How are people searching for your business or product? Start a list of potential keywords, use them for writing topics

  • Write down 5 reasons why your product or service is useful?

  • Name one easy way to describe your produce or service?

  • Have you asked your customers for their feedback?

  • Why should customers do business with you?

This exercise is meant to get you to start thinking like today's consumers. Many purchasing decisions are made after research online, or word of mouth.

If you begin to publish consistent content you will increase your chances of discovery before you spend a dime.

That said, you'll also be on your way to creating a content calendar, which can then be used to expand your reach, develop credibility, and drive your business.

A Tower City Interactive consultation can help you identify content ideas, coach you through the content creation process, and work with you to reach new customers through proven digital marketing services.

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