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13 unlucky ways to jinx your social marketing efforts

Social media is a powerful way to promote your business. The content you post can drive new visitors to your website, boost your email subscriber database, or attract potential new customers.

It is important that you understand that social activity can also have a negative impact on your business.

The best way to avoid any setbacks is to take the time to put together a social media action plan. Consider your business objective, and your messaging goals before putting a plan together.

Here's 13 unlucky behaviors that can jinx your brand, and hurt your business.

1) Don't get political. Michael Jordan was recently asked about politics. He said "Everyone buys Nike shoes." That's a great neutral response. When it comes to politics, it may be best to keep the commentary separate from your brand. You are likely to lose connections, and more importantly potential customers.

2) Don't over share. We all have that one friend who posts everything they do on their social media page. Don't do it, it is annoying, and becomes nothing more than spam. It can also dilute your messaging, and confuse your objectives.

3) Don't be vulgar. Hopefully, this one is common sense. You should be careful about the pictures you share, links you like, or any comments you post. HINT: Be sure to understand the "POSTING AS" function if you have a personal Facebook account, and a Business page.

4) Don't Spam the News Feed. Typically, your posts should have a cadence, be relevant to your product or service, and not overwhelm your connections.

5) Post more than just words. Try to mix up what you share. High quality product images, or short, but interesting video can help you drive up your post engagement scores. Review your social metrics to get a feel for which types of posts work best for you.

6) Don't forget to post. Social media dominates all other forms of activity, and it is likely that a potential customer may find your Twitter account, or Facebook page before your website. If they see very little activity, it may give them the wrong idea about your business. Stay active to give potential customers a reason to engage with your brand.

7) Stop overselling. If selling is a big component of your business that's great, but you need to mix up your message. Be sure to provide useful information about your product or service, and understand that engaging in a conversation is the pathway to success on social media.

8) Avoid repetition. Posting the same message over and over can be seen as annoying, or lazy. You may want to convey a similar message, but be creative and mix up the language, pictures, or video that go along with your post.

9) Your Brand. A professional social media account needs to be just that, professional. Review your profile pictures and cover photos to ensure they complement your product or service. Family photos may not be the best option for informing potential customers about what your company offers.


11) Don't overuse the Facebook Events feature. While the events feature is a great tool to engage your audience and keep them informed about an upcoming event, it can also be annoying if you use this too frequently. Consider the importance of an event before you determine whether or not this is the best way to promote it.

12) Like requests. It is fine to ask people to like your page, but it's another tactic you don't want to overuse. Social posts need to be informative first, so make these requests in moderation and in a conversation tone.

13) Finally, make sure your page information is complete. Be sure to include critical information like your website, phone number, hours of operation, email address, and mailing address. Your social channels are an extension of your brand and your business so they need to be thorough.

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